Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Painting Pictures of Egypt* []

I’m in Colorado for a week long “reunion of strangers” (I borrowed those words from a friend). The technical term for this week’s program is DAR (Debrief And Renewal). It’s a time to hear stories, to connect with friends who share the experience of living cross-culturally, to process, pray, rest, rejuvenate.

This week has been a gift in so many ways—the chocolate on the pillow the first evening, the fireplace and quiet setting, the endless hot-drink bar, the sweet company, the snow-covered pine trees… time away from work, kindred spirits, hot showers… oh so many gifts!

my meeting room

We share memories. Good times. Bad times.
(We’re honest)

And in the grief and joy,
We share renewal.

And we find God to be true and faithful
-just as He promises.

Another gift this week has been seeing a “real” mountain every day from the huge dining room windows! Pike’s Peak is amazing and so beautiful.

(real mountain = snow covered… not the hills of Pennsylvania)

Pike's Peak

Monday, February 23, 2015

along the way

we spent the night on the 8th floor of this ritz

I spent Saturday and Sunday in airplanes, customer service queues, and shuttle buses. Travel is always an adventure when I'm along, and this weekend's trip was no exception with multiple snowstorms, flight delays, and, of course... a cancellation or two.

There were lots of great perks of this trip, though:
-- traveling with a friend
-- a cell phone that worked in ALL locations of the trip!
-- occasional wi-fi
-- an airline hotel voucher (first.time.ever.)
plus... two $7 vouchers to cover two partial meals in the airport! (I've always wanted a $5 airport smoothie...)
-- a lush down comforter and a warm room for the night

We arrived safely Sunday afternoon, [though I wanted to beg our shuttle driver to please stop repeating the story of the shuttle van that was t-boned earlier that afternoon in a snow-related accident...] and are nestled in the cutest little bed and breakfast under snow-covered pine trees somewhere in Colorado. It's going to be an amazing week.

ps- we even have a real-live fireplace here! sooo lovely.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

remember this gal?

Me and Heather on the Zambezi- October 2013

Once upon a time Heather and I signed up for a year together in Zambia.
We didn't know each other before we moved across the ocean.
not. at. all.

So we sent a few emails back-and-forth before our departure,
a few of our favorite things.

We discovered...

But, Heather was aghast to learn that I
-way over in Michigan land-
had never before heard of
ice cream.

Heather insists said flavor is the BEST the world over
(and this gal has trekked a good bit of the globe).

In that first email exchange in the summer of 2012,
Heather and I agreed that one day I would come to Pennsylvania...
and she would introduce me to her favorite
mint chocolate ice cream.

She did.

Last Saturday, Heather braved the elements,
[there were Pa-Ingalls-style-blizzard snow squalls and zero-ish temps]
and came to our halfahouse,

and we shared
the BEST!

it was worth our 2.5 year date wait.

If you want some too... here's what to buy:

Monday, February 16, 2015


I love having hand-made pictures displayed on the fridge.

Also please note the hand-crafted zebra on the shelf in our dining room :).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Walk Around the Block

I took my camera on a neighborhood stroll the other morning.

We often meander through the next-door cemetery.

There are so many old church buildings in this area--
so stately.

This one is just up the road and regularly plays bell music for the neighborhood.

Old New-England-styled homes have lovely architectural touches.

This one is for Amy-- our neighbor's second story door that leads to nowhere!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

bird song

February was my favorite month of weather at Nahumba--
mostly because it was opposite in every way from the February I've always known in the Northern hemisphere.

In the midst of the recent cold, wet, and gray,
the birds have returned to the tree outside my bedroom window.

I wait to hear them start chirping each morning.
Their tweets are welcome cheer in my day.

Monday, February 2, 2015

lovable littles

It's a blessing to live just one hour away from these special little people!

The girls loved their new outfits from Aunt Libby.

My favorite conversation from Saturday's visit (overheard in the van):

"Here's the Church.
Here's the Stables.
Open the doors and see all the people!"