Monday, August 21, 2017

tent sale

The local Ten Thousand Villages store recently hosted a tent sale. Ooolala.
I may or may not have purchased a few treasures including these:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Park Time

Not too long ago, Aunt Naomi and I spent a couple hours with our favorite Pennsylvania nieces and nephew while their parents snagged a miniature bit of time to celebrate their decade(!) of life as husband and wife.

After making fresh lemonade and slurping spaghetti noodles at the table, we walked across the street to the perfectly positioned tiny neighborhood park as the sun dropped behind the trees (all aunts should live next to a park).

In addition to just being big and little kids on the slide and swings, we were scientists and a newspaper reporter who publicized a recent discovery of ancient animal bones (which are molded into the plastic beneath the play set's "rock" wall).

We're so blessed to have these special kiddos in our family.

Monday, August 14, 2017

last month I went to Michigan

It's only the second time in five summers I was home for our annual family camping staycation over the 4th of July. Highlights included kayaking on Lake Huron from Port Austin (sadly I didn't complete the trip to Turnip Rock; I settled on viewing an online Google image of the rock instead), visiting farmers' market, catching up with a childhood friend who just moved back to the area, playing with baby Abel, and taking the tandem out for a little spin near Houghton Lake.

the littles, sharing Aunt Amy's coffee drink

the country bumpkins are here!

the largest ice cream cones in the lower peninsula...
no joking!

I wanted to show Pennsylvanians what "real" blueberry fields look like.

A little bit of Pure Michigan goodness to take back to Pennsylvania.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kaelyn's Baptism

Along with her parents and siblings, Grandpa and Grandma (Dad and Mom), Grammy, Aunt Naomi, Aunt Kendra, Uncle Merle, and I all had the privilege of witnessing Kaelyn's recent baptism. It was a joy to celebrate her continued decision to follow Jesus and know Him more.

Somehow it doesn't seem like over 20 years ago since I was the little person being baptized...

I clearly remember several things from my baptism-- one of which was being laughed at by the congregation when I shared my testimony. I couldn't remember the exact date I gave my heart to Jesus, so I said it was "a long time ago when I was really little." 
[I still don't think it's funny.] 

Another baptism memory is Pastor Dwight calling Mom a few days before my baptism so he could make sure the water in the baptismal wasn't filled to too high to cover my head! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Chaney's Wedding

Lydia was one of the bridesmaids

Last weekend, I had the privilege of joining Chaney and Carson and their families in celebrating their marriage! It was such a lovely and joyous occasion-- every part of the day was beautiful: the ceremony, weather, and reception, and best of all being together with friends and family.

As if the evening could get any better... after the cutting of the cake, we were served an amazing assortment of ice cream flavors from a local creamery. I took Lydia's advice and chose dark chocolate raspberry; such a delicious decision :).

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Top Travel Tip

Always travel with tea.

Naomi and I weren't anticipating cold weather in Indiana last weekend!
Once again, tea stash to the rescue.