Friday, January 13, 2017


Sam and Sara's wedding reception venue was lovely!
I played a little part in the plans and decoration. It was so great to have a team of helpers, and to see the major transformation of the space after a few hours of work.

The favors were Malawian serviettes (handmade by a tailor friend of the family), and (nestled inside each serviette) a small bag of two handmade chocolates-- Grandpa Miller's famous Christmas recipe!

In addition to the favors, we decorated the tables with small glass vases filled with dried statice and fresh eucalyptus, paper winter trees, and Zambian bread baskets. Seth and Amy spent three evenings hanging hundreds of strands of lights, creating a shimmering canopy for the special evening.

table at the entrance of the room

Thursday, January 12, 2017

If you give a Cookie a snow delay...

...Chances are she'll want to make a pan of cinnamon rolls to share at the office.

On Tuesday, Amy texted me happy news: school in Michigan was delayed until noon due to a winter storm.
Trailing behind the initial happy text were updates on her cinnamon-roll-making.

Sandy (my coworker) and I read each ensuing photo text with drooling delight...
{and, yes, jealousy}

Inspired by Amy's snow-day baking, and wishing for an opportunity to make some snow-day cinnamon rolls of my own, I sent one of Amy's photos to my supervisor and asked if he could please schedule a morning snow delay soon, as I would like to make cinnamon rolls.

My supervisor wrote back:
"Consider it done."

The very next morning at 6am I received a text bearing news of a two hour ice delay at the office!
I rushed out of bed and into the kitchen.

It just so happened to be the first day in weeks that I left my computer at the office, making working remotely an extra challenge...
so instead of answering emails and crunching numbers on my laptop from 8-10am on Wednesday,

I baked cinnamon rolls and cleaned the bathroom.

Now that is a proper winter weather morning!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

boomin' babies!

Seems to be baby season among my friends and acquaintances these days (locations span at least three continents!), which calls for some classic flannel-baby-blanket-sewing :)

This edition is for a little bundle of joy I'm looking forward to meeting in March.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fabric Flowers

We had wanted to add some fabric flowers to the waist of Sara's wedding dress, but hadn't been able to find any large sized flowers that Sara liked (and which matched the dress). Thursday morning before the wedding, Sara and I chose three different strips of wedding fabric at JoAnn Fabric, and after looking up a do-it-yourself fabric flower YouTube, I set to work.

After a few minutes of cutting, folding, and arranging, I was convinced the make-our-own fabric flower idea was a fail... but instead of giving up right then I finished the flower.

and when I finished, it was beautiful!

I wasn't sure if Sara would like it, but I knew I liked the flower even if she didn't wind up using it. When Sara saw the flowers pinned on the dress, she approved.

I can't believe I made a fabric flower which was featured on a wedding gown!
fun times :)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Getting Ready

You can imagine what life might have been like the morning before Sara's wedding with NINE (9) gals in the house prepping for the special event!

Sara was sure to plan enough time for all of us to enjoy a special breakfast together as well, complete with a toast to all of her bridesmaids, and
of course... bacon :)

Sara's lovely do

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sara's Bridesmaids

Selfie of all five of us warming in the car before outside pictures last Saturday:
the last day of December.
WHO does outside pictures (in sleeveless dresses!) on a windy 32F day?!?

We all survived :)